Multicultural Marketing 

Diversity Builds Trust 

Representation Matters 

Unleash the Power of Inclusion

Statistics show, 38% of Consumers of Color are more likely to trust brands that know how to show diversity with their marketing campaigns (Adobe 2019 report). Including everyone does not just improve a brand’s bottom line, but it puts them on the right side of history.

Unfortunately, brands have fallen short of creating effective inclusive marketing for diverse audiences because of a lack of cultural IQ for People of Color; that’s where we step in.

ysp Digital Marketing Agency is an end-to-end solution to unleash the power of Diversity and Representation with digital marketing campaigns. We customize your strategy, design campaigns, connect and manage the right influencers, develop content, monitor the process, and measure success.

We produce video content with Creators of Color who fit your specific industry categories to ensure an authentic connection to audiences of color through meaningful multicultural storytelling. Our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) influencer marketers are highly experienced in content creation and resonate with Consumers of Color.

You must agree influencers are more effective than paid ads because their audience know, like, and trust them. Followers have a genuine interest in their content.

Influencers understand their audience on a deeper level while their followers trust the advice and recommendations they make. This is very important when targeting a diverse consumer audience

Our goal is to inspire brands to build sustainable partnerships with our BIPOC talent and embrace Diversity and Inclusion. We connect influencers who are highly engaged with their followers. When effectively executed in marketing campaigns, brands will benefit from a boost in sales, build an audience, spark engagement, sway opinions, and increase brand awareness to Consumers of Color.

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Apparel and Fashion Brand

My team didn’t realize their approach to influencer campaigns were wrong. YSP Digital’s campaign had a 4 million impression, 41,000 engagements and returned a conversion rate of 14.2%. We also leveraged the influencers’ original content on our Instagram feed which increased our social media followers 28%. 

~ Tena D. Influencer Marketing Manager

Organic Cosmetics Brand

Ysp Digital brought our influencer campaign to a level of success we never experienced. They increased awareness and drove in-store sales for our new mascara launched at Walmart. Their beauty influencers content had 373,700 views and 43,900 consumer engagements across our social platforms. They are apart of our team.

Roberta W. ~  Influencer Marketing Director

Baked Goods Brand

We wanted to increase brand awareness amongst a younger audience. YSP Digital created an influencer campaign for Instagram and TikTok. Through collaborations with 10 influencers, the campaign generated 643K impressions on Instagram and 49K unique viewers on TikTok.  Great service!

LeeAnn S. ~ Marketing Director

Soft Drink Brand

YSP Digital developed an influencer campaign with 36 influencers with a target demographic of millennial consumers to generate a buzz for a product relaunch. We had just over 2 million impressions, 35K of organic engagement on Instagram and 52% increase of  website visits. Your team is incredible!!

John W ~ Brand Director

Snack Food Brand

We needed to increase brand awareness with health-conscious buyers. YSP Digital’s micro-influencers engaged their followers to try our new product and share their thoughts on social media. This strategy snowballed and reached 4.4 million potential customers in the first three months of the campaign. Amazing success!

Paul T. ~ Director of Marketing

Frozen Dessert Brand

YSP Digital created a contest for customers to vote on their favorite frozen ice cream bar. Twenty plus influencers created Insta Story content to engage their audience to vote. The campaign resulted in 9 million impressions, 1.4 million social engagements and more than 1 million votes. We use YSP for all our influencer campaign needs.

Terrance P. ~ Social Media Brand Manager

Home Decor Brand

We needed to promote a new collection of home decor. YSP Digital enlisted a team of 36 lifestyle influencers who showcased pieces from our collection in their homes. This generated more than 1.5 million impressions on Facebook and Instagram with 45K in organic engagement to our website.

Lauren U. ~ Creative & Brand Director

Our Circle of Influence:


Fashion / Activewear

yoga social media influencer sitting in yoga pose by lake

black male social media influencer wearing brown leather jacket and sunglasses

Menswear / Footwear

close up of man's brown shoes and woman's black high heels standing in street

children standing next to each other wearing rain jackets and boots

Kids Wear/ Baby Products



Personal Care/ Skincare

black male skincare social media influencer washing face


Electronics/ Automotive


Beauty Products

product review of new fragrance bottle with gold top

influencer product review of straw hat, black wallet and glasses sitting on white table




Family LifeStyle

black family influencers in kitchen drinking orange juice

mom-influencer-wearing-white-cropped-long sleeved-sweater-whispering-in-little-girl-ear-wearing-black-leather-jacket

Parenting Life

black social media parent influencers playing with son outside



black female social media influencer wearing white shirt cradling newborn on her shoulder

black-female-travel-influencer sits outside on rooftop of hotel she is reveiwing

Travel / Hotel

Asian- american female travel influencer sits on bed in hotel room

latinx fitness social media influencer running on walkway by beach


black social media influencer wearing fitness wrist watch

baby sitting on mat with toys

Toys / Pets

cat sleeping on bed under comforter

black social media travel influencer holding passport with brown luggage bag on the floor

Bags /Luggage

Asian- american style influencer outside holding large blue green handbag



black male lifestyle social media influencer hiking in the canyons

tastefully decorated bedroom with a beige tufted panel bedroom set and throw pilliows

Home Design

Asian-american female social media influencer standing by sink washing a dish

Home Goods



black female social media influencer drinking glass of beer

Adult Beverage



CBD Products