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Influencer marketing is very much like the modeling industry in its lack of diversity in media ads. Brands, traditional ad agencies, and media buyers have created this distorted view of world.

For years, consumers of color expressed their desire for more inclusive marketing. It is no secret that people of color are under-represented with major brands.

Influencers of color have more difficulty getting quality brand opportunities. Talented content creators struggle to get equal pay as their caucasian counterparts. 

ysp Digital Marketing Agency combats all of this. We connect brands to their diverse customer base with the right influencers who have cultural perspectives and engaging authentic content. Inclusion is our main priority.  

It is impossible to be authentic by faking it, which is why our talented team are all People of Color here to support our influencers.

When we represent you, gone are the days of dealing with demanding brand managers. You only communicate with our support team. As a ysp influencer, your main focus is being creative and engaging with your audience. We take care of the rest, learn more about us -> click here.

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How We Help

Find Brand Opportunities

We embrace our influencers’ unique voices and only present opportunities that align with their messaging that followers have grown to expect. We connect you to authentic brand partnerships that flow organically with the aesthetic of your feed.

Contract Negotiations

Don’t undersell your content creation; because we won’t. We are here to help with all financial negotiations. Our primary interest is to make sure brands treat our influencers as professionals and compensate them equitably for their creativity and engagement.


Content Strategy

Our talented marketers and writers will strategize with you on the campaign. We encourage all our influencers to express their creativity and guide them to ensure post content is in alignment with the client’s message and tone.  

Payment Management

You are paid directly by us on all business opportunities we provide based on your agreed contract. Our management services are free of charge to our influencers. We do not stop you from accepting outside offers.

Ready to Apply

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You must meet the  following to be represented by us:

1) Identify as a Person of Color

2) 18 yrs or older unless represented by an adult

2) Completed bio with your information and interests

3) Business or Creator accounts only

4) No purchased followers on your account

5) 1000 minimum follower

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