Mental health challenges can happen to anyone. However, research shows a gap when it comes to BIPOC communities seeking proper treatment. While there could be many reasons for this, the stigma surrounding mental health in these communities, combined with a lack of access to healthcare, definitely plays a part. July is designated as National BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month, in hopes to bring a consciousness to the issue. 

If you’re a BIPOC content creator or influencer, you have a platform. And you can use it to educate and create powerful change! This month, here are some ways you can assist in the efforts to foster a community and help those who are suffering and need direction. 

Talk About Mental Wellness

As basic as it seems, simply talking about mental health on social media can have a really powerful impact. As a creator or influencer, there are a lot of people looking up to you and learning from you. If they see another Person of Color addressing mental illness, this can make them feel seen and more likely encourage them to seek help.

Tell Your Mental Health Story

Many fun ideas are shared on social media, and we love it for that. But it’s also a place for storytelling and connecting with others. If doing so won’t hinder your own progress, tell your story! Sharing your experience and what worked for you spreads awareness, let others know they’re not alone, and provides some much-needed inspiration. 

Share BIPOC Mental Health Resources

One reason People of Color may not seek treatment is a lack of healthcare access. Many research studies didn’t take race into consideration, which ignores the true impact on individuals of BIPOC communities. But things have changed and there is mental health resources available for People of Color.

asian-american-influencer-explaining-BIPOC-mental-healthWhether the resource is a website breaking the stigma of therapy for the BIPOC communities or the social account of a medical professional tackling these issues, highlighting it on your feed could change someone’s life.

Here are some really great resources making a difference in mental wellness for BIPOC lives. Please use your platform to spread awareness about these resources! 

Mental Health America






Collaborate with brands addressing BIPOC Mental Health Support

Try working with brands using campaigns to support BIPOC mental health issues. Working with brands for a cause is an excellent idea to build meaningful awareness and encourage others. The right campaign can help amplify your voice and support something that is making tangible change.

Use Your Platform

Mental wellness is a topic worthy of social awareness. No matter what niche your social media falls under, emotional and mental wellness is a topic that needs amplifying. This month, use your voice and your platform to support and encourage positive change!

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