Black History Month wasn’t always a “thing,” nor was it initially a month long. It was originated by Dr. Carter G Woodson as ‘Negro History Week” in 1926. The Civil Rights Era, combined with the refreshing ocean of Black love and pride, transformed the week into a month.

As the Black College celebrations grew more festive and widespread, the month became a time recognized by Blacks and non-Blacks alike. It became undeniable that America had to embrace this cultural affirmation and extend the celebration beyond a week. In 1976, President Ford established February as Black History Month and to be celebrated national.

Black content creators are often inundated during Black History Month, with brands attempting to highlight diversity or make their content seem more inclusive. Still, they fail to realize diverse representation needs to be year-round. 

Brands must include diverse voices as part of their full marketing strategy, not just in February.

You want the world to connect to your brand with marketing campaigns that are inclusive. Paint a picture of your brand with a diverse palette and showcase content creators of color. Let this Black History Month be the month you decide to dive into the full depth of diversity to discover new audience connections and fresh ideas just waiting to be explored. 

You need a way to differentiate yourself – not just stand out, but you want to embody an unseen perspective and speak a language that people will listen to and take action. Throughout history, we’ve seen that content creators of color have ushered in the new standards and trends that everyone, then, follows. When diverse voices speak – the world will listen.

Be inclusive beyond Black History Month

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photo credit by @Oladimeg