Social Media Influencer 

  NANO           5K -10K   

  MICRO        10K -50K   

What We Do

Campaign Strategy

We define your core goals and customize a strategy to deliver the most effective campaign to increase reach, establish trust, elevate awareness, generate sales, or drive site traffic.


Content Creation

Our team designs your content based on strategy, messaging, and representation. We give clients peace of mind from backlash due to missteps with offensive content that could alienate consumers of color.

Video Content Production

Creation of original branded video content from imagination, script, development, and production.

Influence Validation

ysp Digital connects content creators and influencers whose messaging fits specific industry categories, ensuring a seamless introduction of your brand to their audience. 

Talent Management

Our database of diverse influencers and video content creators grows continuously. We connect with both global and US based creators. As a result, they have a variety of interests which allows the most authentic partnerships.

Performance Manager

Communicating with content creators is a must to ensure proper delivery of campaigns. Our constant contact during the entire campaign prevents miscommunication. Besides, it frees you from time-consuming communication.

Contract Negotiations

We negotiate your social media influencer and content creator collaborations, agreements, and handle payment or product giveaway. Best of all, our service eliminates the hassle and threat of an incomplete campaign by content creator neglect.

Campaign Management

We maintain the quality of your influencer campaign. Our team works closely with the social media influencer to ensure expectations. We manage all aspects of content, graphic quality, and scheduling.

Analytical Reporting

Your key metrics are equally as important to measure as the campaign. Our team tracks, measures, analyzes, and provides you a full reporting on all metrics for your influencer campaign performance.


We develop, execute, manage and measure your campaigns

or work with in-house team where they need an extra hand.