Diversity and Inclusion

Featuring Content Creators of Color

Who We Are

We are a digital media agency specializing in Multicultural Marketing. Our team designs campaigns to resonate with People of Color (POC) and help brands unlock the power of inclusive marketing campaigns. We understand what POC care about and know how to reach them on a personal level.

Our mission is to increase the representation of talented Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) content creators with brands, media buyers, and ad agencies.

ysp is committed to diversity and inclusion through amplifying the storytelling of Black, Brown, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous video content creators and influencers. Not only for being diverse but their engaging life stories, authentic messaging, and perspectives that need to be acknowledged and respected. 

Ad agencies, media buyers, and brands need to rebuild their marketing strategies and move beyond the reliance on a token person of color or creating marketing campaigns that depict harmful stereotypes.

Advertisers know diversified marketing is good for business. Sadly, they have failed to educate brands on the importance of inclusivity with BIPOC in social media and ad campaigns.

We design authentic messaging for marketing campaigns that embrace diversity and inclusion to meet the standards People of Color expect from brands.


It’s crucial to increase diversity and inclusion in advertising and marketing. Studies show Consumers of Color are more likely to trust brands that represent diversity throughout their ads. 

People of Color want to be seen, heard, and understood by brands. They want to see people that look like and relate to them with shared interests and lifestyles. Brands need to stand against offensive negative stereotypes, language, and tokenism instead of playing into them. Consumers want authentic representation.

An increase in social media activism is helping to raise awareness of the lack of BIPOC in influencer marketing campaigns and the pay gap disparity. 

This teachable moment in our society brings a new consciousness that makes it harder for brands, media buyers, and ad agencies to ignore.

How We Help

ysp Digital celebrates the BIPOC community with inclusive marketing campaigns. We connect content creators and influencer marketers of color who appeal to consumers of color. Our team assists brands, media buyers, and ad agencies that want to contribute to progress with genuine diversity and inclusion; but need guidance as to the best way to execute. 

Unlike other companies, ysp Digital understands authenticity starts from within. We are a talented team of culturally diverse digital marketers, script and copywriters, video content creators, and influencers. 

Diversity and inclusion are our main priorities. 

Best-selling services include: 

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Branded Content Creation (video & written)
  • Campaign Management 
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Influencer Research /Outreach
  • Influencer Validation /Contract Negotiations
  • Influencer Management
  • Social Media Content Creation & Management
  • UX Web Design & Management
  • OTT/CTV Media Buying

Embrace Diverse Influence

If you want to learn more or interested in a partnership, please contact us by email info@yspdigital.com or call 818-527-5599. Let’s start a conversation!


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