Influencer marketing campaigns are a creative marketing element that sets brands apart from those stuck in the past with traditional advertising. People are shocked to learn influencer marketing has a lot of moving parts. Many people find it very time-consuming and often a bit confusing. Some campaigns will be complicated to launch based on deliverables. Are you setting up a campaign to reach your defined goals?

How do you know if your campaign is working? How do you recognize bad influencers? How do you measure the success of influencer performance? For that reason, tracking and measuring your influencer campaign is extremely important for its success and the success of any other future campaign.

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through an endless database of influencers before settling on one to try? The whole procedure may feel overwhelming, and there is no guarantee that this person will deliver the success you need.

You are gambling on the success of your campaign!

Many monthly database services do not fully validate influencers or verify their followers. How do you confirm their engagement rate is genuine if the service does not check their claims? What happens if you work with an ineffective influencer? Collaborating with a low-performing influencer can be devastating to a campaign. Worst than that, there is a risk of choosing a fraudulent influencer in the search for the perfect ambassador.

Influencer fraud comes in different forms, from an influencer who accepts the job and never posts or someone who is a fake influencer with fake followers. Fraud is widespread and found throughout all industries. Consequently, many brand marketers have lost time, money, and respect with a blundered ambassador partnership.


Worst of all, collaborating with brand ambassadors puts you at risk of potentially working with a fake. As the increase of popularity and demand for influencers grows, many marketing teams and social media managers have asked, how do you find the right Instagram influencer?

At ysp Digital Agency, we ensure the consistency of your influencer strategy by maintaining contact with the influencer to confirm content delivery is to the agreed terms for relevance, quality, and scheduling. We shield our clients from dishonest social media influencers with false followers by vetting with our four-part authorization process.

    1. Validation of Social Media Accounts
    2. Verification of Audience Quality
    3. Evaluation of Audience Growth
    4. Assessment of Engagement Quality

Successful brands understand the power Instagram has in today’s marketplace. A well-thought-out strategy will increase brand awareness, build trust and authority, drive website traffic, and grow a social media audience.

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