In observance of Diversity Month, we ask you to reflect on your inclusive marketing practices. Have there been moments when you’ve missed the mark? Could you do better?

With the explosion of social media marketing, we’ve been able to finally see the hidden brilliance from thousands of content Creators of Color. Brands are striking gold by including diverse viewpoints, storytelling, and collaborating with diverse creators. The much-needed representation has increased but brands need to do more. We seem to be heading in the right direction but some marketing campaigns still use discriminatory practices.

Be Inclusive

Much if not the majority of what goes viral is wildly popular, and even what is considered “gen-z slang” comes directly from BIPOC creators and their diverse culture. They must be included and given the proper representation instead of marginalization and appropriation instances that leave content Creators of Color in the shadows without receiving creative credit, equitable compensation, or real opportunity.

Be Authentic

Inclusivity isn’t a line item. Brands need to be sincere and genuine because when marketing campaigns are contrived – it’s obvious – and leads to brands showing up as a trending topic for all the wrong reasons. Including BIPOC creators in front of the camera AND behind the scenes is the best way to ensure the diverse content you want is authentic. 

Pay BIPOC Creators

It’s one thing to give content Creators of Color an opportunity; it’s another thing to pay them appropriately. Sadly, this is where many brands drop the ball. There is still a pay inequality under the guise of “diverse content.” Social media has grown in its power in driving the market. Social media influencers’ presence has increased. However, brands are still under-paying BIPOC influencers.  

Black creators specifically are paid significantly less than their white counterparts.  


These brilliant Creators of Colors provide all the “cool” while making brands appear

progressive, relevant and trendy. Still, if you do not pay them equitably, your brand is practicing  discriminatory behavior, which is a bigger problem. 

It’s time to be inclusive, unbiased and bring a close to an antiquated marketing mindset and practice.

We can provide your brand direct access to brilliant BIPOC creators who produce authentic and diverse storytelling.

Learn how ysp Digital Agency can help your brand become more inclusive with influencer marketing campaigns and branded video content from content Creators of Color. Thanks for reading and if you haven’t connected with us on social yet, check us out on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Instagram,  Pinterest and Twitter.

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