Each year from September 15th to October 15th, the United States celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month aims to commemorate and honor the cultures and histories of Hispanic Americans. Observing one’s culture should never be limited to just a few weeks. Still, this month places an extra focus on educating and recognizing the culture and contributions of those who identify as Hispanic or Latino. 

Like any other holiday or nationally recognized day, brands and corporations use their social media accounts and advertising strategies to push out content showing their support. And almost every time, there are cases of brands’ dropping the ball in their advertising, sometimes so severely that it requires them to apologize to their audience. 

Things To Consider This Hispanic Heritage Month

Because consumers care about diversity and inclusion more than ever before, a single post on social media acknowledging cultural holidays isn’t enough. You have to show that you actually care about the experience of multiple cultures. This Hispanic Heritage Month, take time to actually learn about the history before adding it to your social campaign. The authenticity will shine through.

Another critical thing to remember is that there is diversity within Latinx culture. The Afro-Latino experience, for example, often gets left out. There are several countries with unique cultures that Latinx descents represent, but racial identity diversity also exists. Being aware of this as you create your campaigns can help you bring visibility to identities, a primary goal of the month.

Before posting, brands must understand their diverse target demographic to prevent making mistakes that accidentally offend with stereotypical content. Many brands have made the mistake of presenting Latinos with stereotypes in their marketing, which can have disastrous consequences. You don’t want to make assumptions about an ethnic group or make any generalizations. The best way to avoid making these missteps is having diversity within your marketing team. A diverse team can recognize what will and will not resonate with your multicultural audience.


Make A Positive Impact

During Hispanic Heritage Month, you have the opportunity to recognize the achievements of Latinos in America. Make sure you get it right by using appropriate strategies that diversify your marketing. If you’re still not sure how to begin adding diversity into your marketing campaigns, ysp Digital can help. Contact us at hello@yspdigital.com to learn how our team can help you make your brand more inclusive.  

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