March 21st is annually observed because of a horrific event in 1960, in Sharpeville, South Africa. That day police opened fire and killed 69 peaceful demonstrators against the apartheid “pass laws.”

From this tragedy, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) established a committed team of independent experts for the sole purpose of addressing the causes and elimination of all forms of racism by its States parties.

Sadly, racism and discrimination are festering in our country. There currently is a rise of inexplicable racism and violent attacks on the Asian American communities. These incidences can include racial slurs, shunning (deliberate avoidance of Asian Americans), and physical attacks. Studies have shown, there is a disproportionate number of attacks against women. 

two-women-dressed-in-black- holding-signs saying-stop-asian-hate-hate-is-a-virusWomen report hate incidents 2.3 times more than men.

The recent statistics show 40% of the adults in the United States say “it has become more common for people to express racist views toward Asians since the pandemic began” (Source: Pew Research). 

Reporting of racist incidents against Asian Americans has soared to over 1,800 between March and May of 2020, according to a United Nations Report (Source: CBS News). March 19th of last year through February 28th of this year show that approximately 503 incidents transpired in this year already.

Stop AAPI Hate National Report (March 19th, 2020 – February 28th, 2021) has accepted an unbelievable 3,795 reports of anti-Asian hate attack incidents. (Source: Stop AAPI Hate)

CERD’s 2021 campaign is called “Youth Standing up Against Racism.

They want the public to engage with their campaign by using the hashtag #FightRacism.  Their message is clear, asking each person to stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes. Their goal is for society to foster a global culture of tolerance, equality, and anti-discrimination.

Here at ysp Digital Agency, these acts of racism, xenophobia, and violence against the Asian communities have left us heartbroken. Being a Women of Color, unfortunately, I have seen the ugly side of people and their bigotry. I stand united with my Asian and Asian Pacific American brothers and sisters to help amplify this message to end the violence and hatred. If you want to learn more or find ways to help those affected by these violent attacks against Asian and Asian Pacific Americans, please check out the links below.

Resources to Educate


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USA Today “How to Be an Ally” 

Bystander Intervention Guide 

Report an Incident

Stand Against Hatred

Stop AAPI Hate




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