Diversity Awareness Month reminds brands of the importance of inclusion. Is your brand using Multicultural Influencers? If your answer is no, the correct answer is it should.  Now more than ever, diversity and inclusion are essential in your marketing strategy, but many brands have dropped the ball to their disadvantage.   

To utilize multicultural influencer marketing, you must first understand that influencers take their social capital as seriously as any other business. With high followership comes great responsibility. They have the onus to consistently create content that appeals to a broader audience through brand partnerships. Influencer marketing goes beyond getting a paycheck for professional influencers; they want authentic alignment based on shared values and priorities.

If you genuinely want to create diversity and inclusion and seek out influencers who understand that core value. Such influencers will care beyond product offerings and remain true to their messaging.  

You have to understand why it all matters. True diversity inherently connects your brand to your target market – regardless of their differences – since it showcases different backgrounds, body types, genders, sexual orientations, ages, etc. It is an effective and affordable way to speak once, and indeed, by and for all. However, it won’t be easy to optimize diverse marketing if all you care about are optics.

Going this route can help your brand avoid the pitfall of issuing apology statements for failing at diverse marketing. It is far more responsible to follow a set of criteria to assess your practices to identify potential missteps and rectify them before they create undue harm and hurt to your consumers, stockholders, and business.

Don’t dive in without Knowing your Audience 

black female influencer sits wearing red beret hat and a crop leather top and skirt holding a coca cola bottle smiling

Social and environmental criteria are essential to assessing messaging to ensure diversity and inclusion. You can modify your guideline as you gain more experience but avoid over-deliberation, which may cripple every effort you’re taking in the right direction.

One severe mistake brands make is to reduce their diverse marketing to race.

Avoid it at all costs! While race is inarguably important, it doesn’t nearly capture the lens’s scope through which influencers can connect with their audience. In fact, it can become counter-productive when adopted as the go-to metric for diversity and inclusion.

Top-notch influencer marketers aim to communicate with their audience beyond their skin color by expanding efforts to understand their psychographic information, historical contributions, and modern innovation. They have a holistic grasp of the personhood of their audience. 

Diverse marketing ultimately helps you build a brand that promotes an empathetic worldview and creates love and understanding. A world where every race, voice, appearance, look, sexuality, gender, and other preferences are showcased and represented. 

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